Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Harry R. Adams and the Twine connection- 135 P St NW

We first encountered Charles A. Twine in an earlier post when he lived at and owned 31 Q St NW. He doesn’t appear in the 1940 census, but appears around the 1940s to his death in 1950, he and his family lived with (or just in the home of) their in-laws, the Adams at 135 P St NW.  Mamie/Mary Anne Twine, the sister of Charles A. Twine Sr. and the co-owner of 135 P NW, with her husband Harry Adams. I covered the Adams in another post.

photo of property

While I was searching for information regarding Charles Twine, I found a couple of other Twines at 135 P St NW.

Ida Twine, was born in 1861 to Andrew and Martha Twine. Her mother’s name is different than Charles’ mom’s name, Carrie Thomas Twine. She married the Rev. Mungo Melanchthon Ponton (aka Rev. MM Ponton) around 1900 in Georgia. In MM Ponton’s memorial bio, Ida, his 2nd wife, is identified as Mrs. I. E. Upshaw,  a public school teacher.  In the April 1, 1948 Evening Star issue covering her death, she died at Freedmans Hospital but apparently lived at 135 P St NW.

Charles Twine’s son, Charles A. Twine Jr placed an ad in a September 28, 1941 Evening Star, listing his address as 135 P St NW. In the 1934 city directory Jr, was living at 135 P St NW while his parents were at 1361 Florida Ave NE.

In the Evening Star Charles is listed as a “Dr.” At some point in time he was a druggist. When he died in 1950 135 P St NW was mentioned as his residence. His family, his sister Mamie Adams (owner of 135), and children Mildred T. Braxton, Charles Jr and Edward Twine, placed an ad in the Evening Star on the anniversary of his death for at least eight years. They referred to him as Dr.