Property owners of Truxton Circle– The Bundys

Just out of curiosity I’m going to revisit an image I used regarding an African American female homeowner. But she created a mental roadblock and I lost my rhythm.

Landowner list of Sq 551

This image is part of the 1933-34 property tax assessment page for part of Sq. 551, which is between R, 3rd, Q, 1st and Florida.551-LC-1909

So the first name, actually surname,  to jump out at me are the Bundys. James F. Bundy appears to own 218 & 220 R St NW (551-0841, 551-0839, old 551-0016). Delilia Bundy owned a connected alley side lot (551-0842).

Poking around on Ancestry I found a James F. Bundy married a Delilia Freeman on June 5, 1884. But there is also a James F. Bundy, married to a Delilia, with daughters named Delilia/Della and Zenobia/Zenobra, who died in December 1914 (b. Sep 1862). The dead can continue to own land. My great aunt who has been dead nearly 10 years still owns a house in SE.

So I decided to switch to Delilia, and I find her living as the widow of James Franklin Bundy in 1935 at 403 O St NW. She lived with Della L. Bundy, a music teacher. By the 1940 Census Delilia Bundy was living with her son-in-law Joseph P. Turner, a Special Officer, daughter Della Bundy Turner and an adopted 13 year old daughter Mary Ann.

As a side note, the Bundys are African American. James F. Bundy, sometimes seen as James S. Bundy was an Attorney.

Now looking at where 403 O St NW is, it is on the other side of NJ Avenue, not in Truxton Circle. But it is over by the Bundy Playground. Which is quite a co-winky-dink. Do I feel like researching the name of the Bundy School, for which the Bundy playground is named? Nope. Not at this time.

So this is getting long. I will look at another property owner whose’s surname pops up more than once for this small section of Sq. 551.