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Decay of1607 NJ Ave NW
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Well I never thought DCRA could actually work this quickly. If DCRA wants to take a look at the vacant store at P and North Cap with the big dent in the side, that would be nice, thanks! I’m guessing this removal of the roof and part of the 2nd floor is the work of DCRA or one of it’s contractors because there were cones and yellow tape blocking the alley. If the 1st floor of the house crumbles, I gather there’s less of a danger. But the thing I wonder is if the estate of the owner has been informed of this?
Regarding the big Nuclear to-do over at the Convention Center, it appears that fewer people will have their Constitutional rights violated and Jack Evans is trying to help with parking woes. According to the press release ““This Summit , while good for the District, will be an inconvenience for many in the neighborhood,” said Evans. “Suspending street sweeping will at least allow cars to remain parked and help ease this burden on those who live and work around the Convention Center.”

DPW will post signs in the following areas stating that residents do not have to relocate their vehicles for street sweeping: Florida Avenue, NW (northern boundary), H Street, NW (southern boundary), 5th Street, NW (eastern boundary), and 15th Street, NW (western boundary).”
From reading the Post and other media it appears the ID checking will be on the sidewalk side of the Convention Center, so possibly persons going to Subway Sandwiches, that dance studio, the cigar place, church for noontime mass might not have to show ID. Just the unfortunate saps who live on the same block as the Convention Center. Do I think that all this trouble will be worth it? The Convention Center has been open for how many years now? And hosting how many large conferences and events and has any of that really helped the northern end? I don’t know about you but on days when I walk home I notice the conference badged hordes heading south to Chinatown and crowding the eateries there.
Lastly, I’d been meaning to clean up and address some emails I got about schools, particularly the Center City School, formerly the Immaculate Conception Catholic School. But at a certain point I gotta admit I’m never going to get to or follow up on certain things and just clean out my mailbox.

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  1. The building at N. Cap and P is owned by Douglas and is currently listed as vacant, but exempt. Old Luciana's is not even listed as vacant. Since it's Douglas, DCRA has done their usual nothing.

  2. Speaking of DCRA, I'm trying to figure out how they ever approved putting a boarding house/hostel next door to me at 605 P ST NW without a zoning change or letting the neighbors know or have a say. If anyone can make suggestions about who to contact, let me know.

  3. We did raze a portion of the building at 1607 New Jersey last week and are working with the former owner's estate to ensure the building can be brought back to productive use. We also worked closely with Historic Preseveration to ensure the facade of this home was not damaged during the raze. Thank you to all community members who brought this to our attention last week. We'll check into the N. Cap and P property immediately as well. And Ms. Bandeh-Ahmadi, I believe you and I have been tweeting about the P Street property and will have more info soon. Thanks again.
    – Mike Rupert, DCRA

  4. Thanks Mr. Rupert for jumping on this. I'm curious why Historic Preservation plays a part since, to my knowledge, the house is not in an Historic District.

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