Where’s Cato.org when you need them?

So they are closing the area around the Convention Center. Ok.
They are closing the streets to cars.
They are restricting parking.
They are fencing the streets surrounding the Center and restricting resident and pedestrian access.
Oh, no. That’s sounds like someone’s 4th Amemdment rights are going to get violated!
I do hope residents do get a lawyer because it just seems to me that their American right to move freely and access their homes, entertain guests will be violated for 48 (or more) hours. And though some of you would gladly give up your Constitutional rights for any length of time for the shiny beads of security, nobody should be forced to have to carry around ID just so they can go home. Seriously, if events like this require this level of security, they really should have it somewhere in West Virginia or Camp David or somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.
Today it’s the residents of Mt. Vernon Sq for 48 hours, the next day it may be a few weeks for the residents of Trinidad….. oh, never mind.

Addition- Looking around I came across Flex Your Rights when trying fond info on what citizens can do regarding police barricades around their homes.

7 thoughts on “Where’s Cato.org when you need them?”

  1. It is definitely a strict scrutiny issue. Because national security is a compelling government interest, it will satisfy the first prong. After that, it is narrowly tailored which can be interpreted positively from their small radius. Finally, the DC government would consider it the least restrictive means because there is likely no other way to achieve the same level of security,

  2. I had no idea this was going on until I read it here on your blog. I don't live in your 'hood but if I did I'd call the White House and vent. I'm sure it was their idea to hold it at the Convention Center. Showmanship is their specialty

  3. Please no Anon comments. callign the White House won't do jack. Calling the ACLU or some libertarian rights org, maybe would help. Oh and complain to the city. Tell Jack Evans you don't liek it and congrats on the engagement.
    You know what's least restrictive? Somewhere isolated. In other words 'not here'. I fail to see the benifit for DC and Mt. Vernon residents/businesses for this event. It makes as much sense as the RNC convention in NYC.
    Also National Security is an excuse to slowly strip Americans of their Constitutional rights. Tis' the post 9-11 world.

  4. Sometimes, I'm glad to be in Chicago. We have government issues, but they are -different- government issues.

    48 hours of a shut down like that sounds, well, excessive. If the even needs security that high? (and I don't know the event) Than maybe they should hold it over at Ft. Myer. Or on one of the already security heavy military bases.

    And at this point 9/11 is the excuse used to prevent bringing outside drinks to movies. I was there for 9/11. I remember 9/11. And no you cannot search my bag a decade later because of it.

  5. All the valid downsides to the event aside, having such a large global event at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Shaw/Mt Vernon Square is a good way to get the attention of national and international event organizers and encourage them to hold their events at the Convention Center and not at the National Harbour (which is NOT convenient to DC, though NH sales reps don't say that to perspective clients).

    And it's just cool.

    Having more events at the Convention Center will eventually be good for local businesses — once concerned and engaged citizens find and elect some better leaders to address local retail concerns, vacant property issues and an MPD leadership ready and committed to — do more than give lip service — and step up their game and bring real security and peace of mind to citizens in Shaw.

    Besides, if you really want to complain, pick up a placard, hit Mass and NY Ave and protest the event on Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday. International news crews will be eager to give you your close-up since, barring and real problems, it's likely to be a pretty slow news day. Nuclear energy talks aren't as exciting as basketball and football (but maybe a little more exciting than baseball).

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