Can I boycott a place I’d probably never get to

Some of ya’ll are aware of the kerfuffle regarding U Street Girl and the owner of a wine bar threatened legal action. She has recommended that others join her in not patronizing or promoting the 14th Street business. Okay.
I totally agree on principle, but honestly I haven’t even gotten to the wine bars I actually want to go to, like Cork, so I don’t know what use that would be. Also as a fan of redemption and forgiveness I hope that the owner of Du Vin Osteria, David Shott, will make an honest effort to undo the damage done.

Hopefully, we’ll have none of that in nearby (to me) Bloomingdale. Tonight there is going to be an open house Q&A for a proposed bar/pub/wateringhole at 116 Rhode Island Ave NW between 6 and 8pm. I guess it would be a good place to unwind after some yoga ’round the corner. Seriously, I’m looking forward to the development, growth and appearances of all the small businesses in the Bloomingdale and eastern Shaw area.

5 thoughts on “Can I boycott a place I’d probably never get to”

  1. This guy should fire himself for the damage he's caused his business.

    I think those 116 RI guys are doing it right. Based on their mission statement, I decided I would totally be their (less portly) Norm.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Mari. I'd love for him to apologize as well.

    And on another (strange) note – when I tried to click to your blog at work today I was informed that my government office's website censorship software thought your blog was porn – thought you might find that humorous. 🙂

  3. I find the idea of In Shaw as porn hilarious. Does the government consider it "research pornograpy"? What with the talk of antique maps and census tracks and building records…

  4. i met those two borthers yesterday at 116 rhode island.

    the area needs a bar. area needs a restaurant, beyond chinese take out.

    wine bar disgust me. 🙂

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