Feh, PUDs and other complex development deals

I just rejected a SPAM comment for a old post (any post older than 14 days is moderated) about the Radio One deal. That was back in 2007. It is 2010. So ‘cuse me if I’m not as hopeful as some of you about the other projects proposed back in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004…. You get the idea.
So far, in my mind, which means you’re welcomed to disagree (and I’ll just ignore you), anything requiring financing more complicated than a credit card form is something you shouldn’t hold your breath for. Yes, complex projects do get built. You know that National Harbor thing in PG built over a year or two ago? Yeah, they started that in the 1970s. I know where the paperwork for that is to prove it. So O Street Market may be done sometime in 2020 at this rate.
Yes, yes, I hear things are moving with O St. I will believe it when the machinery arrives, then a bunch of guys in hard hats are there 4-5 days a week for 3 or more months and something like framing. Real framing, not just stuff to keep the walls from falling down, forms. Don’t just adjust the fence and move the bricks around and call that progress.