Church gossip

I don’t really keep up with these things, so this may be last year’s news to some. But it doesn’t look like Metropolitan is going to be moving from Armstrong/CAPS school anytime soon. That church they are supposedly building in PG County to move to in order to accommodate their car-centric congregation, well that’s on hold. ‘Cause they broke. Or ‘bankrupt’, using the language of my source. I can’t find anything confirming the bankrupt charge.

One thought on “Church gossip”

  1. I did Bing searches on the church. There is a Wash Times article 3/19/2009 that financing dried up in the economic mess and they stopped construction on their new “God's land in Largo.” The only court case that came up was a decision in 1998 regarding their townhouses from 1701 13th to 1722 13th NW. These were decaying from neglect by the church. They church did not feel they had to obey the Historic District laws. The church lost their appeal, as I read it, they DO need to obey Historic District laws. These buildings are now beautiful when they were redeveloped. The church owned many properties in the immediate area of the sanctuary. They sold everything to build the new campus.

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