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This weekend a house near me got under contract, despite the price. Honestly, I thought $599K was too much, considering a house on the same block with a similar layout, but with a basement and a somewhat functional gas fireplace sold for about $150K less. Others who’d seen the interior of the higher priced home had said it was in move in condition and done very nicely. I saw the inside and admittedly couldn’t play the IKEA/Home Depot game, but I swear one of the interior paint colors was the same as my dining room’s. Ralph Lauren, Stony Mountain, NA15.
Well I gather the Real Estate market in the circle of Truxton, is healthy. That or someone really wants to live on our street. Maybe I’ll go with the second theory as Sunday was nice out, which meant the cute 5 and under set were out riding their bikes and razors. “Hey look, if you had kids they’d be playing with these kids by now.” And the people with dogs chatting with the neighbors doing things in their yards. For a while it was the best advertisement. A living brochure. A clean block (cleaned earlier that day by a neighbor) with happy children, a diverse (age & race) set of friendly looking adults being all frigging neighborly, smiling, laughing. That’s worth about $150K right there.
So putting your house on the market anytime soon? Somehow pick the nicest day for an open house and during the open house, convince your neighbors to make your block look like it’s fricking Sesame Street. Guaranteed sale.

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  1. because it was listed at that price, and is currently under contract, doesn't mean it went to contract at the list price.

  2. ^Possible, but under contract after 3 DOM usually means asking or better — and multiple offers. It seems like it's a fairly wide rowhouse — that's worth a chunk of change right there.

  3. I went to the open house – it's a really charming home and was beautifully staged. I was surprised by the asking price… and shocked/thrilled at the quick contract, particularly given that there's only one full bath. I think there's a lack of 3BR SFH inventory in the neighborhood, which may be driving the market.

  4. It is hard for me to see that the real estate market here is healthy. On the 1700 block of 4th street there are 2 houses that have been For Rent for at least 6 months and one For Sale for probably 3 months.

  5. The rental on the even side of 1700 4th, as I remember the last time it (or the other condo unit) was up for rent was a wee on the overpriced side.
    I remember a friend of mine (living elsewhere) was had a real estate service trying to rent out her unit, but it languished on the market until she sold it. I saw the ad they put out on Craigslist, it was crap. All caps. Poor pictures. It was like they weren't even trying. So with rentals there could be other reasons why a rental isn't moving, price, poor management (won't return phone calls), poor marketing, etc.
    At least when it's being sold (not rented) the agent has the incentive of the commission to sell and another agent has the incentive to bring a buyer.
    1718 4th is going for $2,500 a month for the 3 bedroom. I'm trying to remember if it is a true 3 bdrm or a 2 bdrm 1 den.

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