What should I do with this data

Because my study area of Truxton Circle for the 1900 census (actually all of the censuses) has angles and odd streets, my cousin will capture data for houses outside the study area. For example I have some of the 300 block of M Street, which is in Mount Vernon Square. Also parts of the even side of New Jersey Avenue, the 1100 block of 3rd, and a few odd houses that happen to fall outside the study area.
So what should I do with these bits of info? I won’t be factoring them into my study, but I would hate to just delete them. Any suggestions?

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  1. I know your study is people centric and not house centric, but I would love to learn some of the history from my block (14xx NJ) and I don't have the capacity for that type of research. I'm more the engineering type… I do poorly when I try to ferret out information that may or may not follow rules of nature, like history records in various government facilities…

    Posting your data would be of great interest to me as it puts within reach information I otherwise will never find.

  2. The Washingtonia room at the MLK library and the National Archives microfilm room have microfilm of building permits that can help you. The Historical Society sitting on Mt Vernon Sq. has a database on house permits, I believe. For the 1400 Block of NJ Ave put in a Google search for "Shaw East" and "Kelsey & Associates" and you'll get to the link for the huge PDF file for a building survey. They've done the research.

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