Perfect day for a party

1st big DC snow
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Hope y’all are toasty warm inside and not out.
This morning I was out shoveling my sidewalk, which didn’t help much as the snow covered it up again. Some other neighbors with shovels were out clearing off the sidewalks, going up and down the block. Which isn’t so bad. Good exercise, if you have cement sidewalks. Yeah, brick is pretty and all but it is a royal pain in the butt to shovel. I like to use a pushing method, where I just push the snow aside. My shovel marks are kinda curved that way. With brick you’re stopping more often and can’t get a smooth shovel motion going because the blasted bricks are uneven and several stick out to bump the shovel.
I was out for about an 1 hour (according to IT& B) and I am looking forward to hot cocoa or something to warm me. A neighbor had planned a brunch and I shoveled over to see if it was still on. Oh, it’s on. The conditions are great for a neighborhood party.

One thought on “Perfect day for a party”

  1. Called to see if a brunch was on, eh?
    I had to MOVE in that! I was only going from 9th and O to 10th and M so I hadn't made any typical moving arrangements, corralling a few friends to help with ferrying trips to and from the car, and a few hand trips with the furniture that wouldn't fit in my cavalier.
    This further confirms my disposition to plan events on dates where there WILL be precipitation… I enjoy your tidbits and am excited to hear about the census info- thanks for providing the interesting info!

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