Teenage Train Terrorists Part II or You gotsa be startin’ somethin’

The last entry reminded me of an another incident that happened on the Green line involving a teenager who was trying to start something with people minding their own business.
I was on the Green Line to Greenbelt on Sunday morning to meet the Help in College Park to go to his church. I had my newspaper and was more than likely listening to something on the iPhone (sometimes I just leave the headphones on with nothing playing), minding my own business. The train was sparsely occupied and I was in the center so I could see three other people seated and two or three standing at the doors. The people near the doors got off except this one guy, I think. The guy got my attention, I can’t remember if he tapped my shoulder or waved me and said something. I took one head phone off and said, “What?” He said something, with a big smile on his face, sort of laughing. Whatever he said did not register in my mind as English. I probably said no thank you and “Good-bye” and put my headphone back on. He moved on and I saw him get off the train. Well a few more stops he was back on my car. This time he was getting into people’s personal spaces. He leaned over to one large woman seated and she leaned back then he moved over to a man about 50 something, maybe South Asian or Latino or Arabian origin, and really got into his face. I mean the young man put his face about 5 inches from the face of man sitting near the door minding his own business. The man responded and started yelling and cursing at the young man with an accent. The young man cursed at the man in clear English, started grabbing his crotch and making threatening gestures. When the train pulled into West Hyattsville they both got off.
He was looking for trouble and we metro riders minding our own business are easy targets. Him and the gang of teenage girls are creating an environment ripe for the next Bernie Goetz.

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  1. It seems that the young females acting up on the Metro is craving an audience. When I was that age ( a long time ago)my female friends and school mates behaved in a civilized manner. I used to become embarrased at their behavior, but now I am not. I am so fortunate that I ride Metro only to work (Shaw- Howard to Smithsonian) and evening rush hour is the worst. Sadly, whenever the transit police are on the train, the police rarely put these heathens in check.
    That is why I tend to be on the lookout for potential trouble. Also, has anyone notice that the transit police travel in bunches instead of spreading out on all of the cars? Even MPD does the same, what a weird strategy.
    Citizens protect yourselves!!!
    The Thuggish Observer

  2. Extrapolate the discussion to the next logical topic: The social environment that produces these children.

    These anecdotes only touch upon the tip of the iceberg, I'm afraid. It is multi-generational, and there is no end in sight.

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