Kim & milk
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I wanted milk. (My cousin who is living with me has been drinking most of it so it was a surprise to find most of the milk gone). Today just screams for hot chocolate and Bailey’s, or hot cocoa and mint schnapps or hot cocoa and other fun additives. For that, I need milk. I could have trudged to Giant and maybe find milk.
Instead I decided to try Timor. A whole lot closer and much much better. Also Kim, who owns Timor, provides a level of personal service that Giant will never provide. I texted him to ask if he was open and if he had milk and he answered in the affirmative on both. So after putting on several layers of socks jackets and head scarves, I high tailed it to his store. When I was there he was doing some brisk business. There were like 5 people in that little bodega. Oh, an as of this writing he had full and 2% milk, half and half, cream and soy milk.
I love this neighborhood.

5 thoughts on “I LOVE Kim”

  1. Kim is the best! He is so friendly, really knowledgeable about his affordable wines….and always throws something in for free…..We have to KEEP this neighborhood wonder! CA

  2. Maybe I am bitter that I can't walk to Timor as you can, but I thought it was weird to only be able to buy milk in a bottle that needed returning. That's just since I didn't live nearby and it can be hit or miss finding a parking spot there.

  3. Timor is not a destination shop, it works best for those of us living within walking distance. Anyone else outside of walking/biking distance, it probably isn't worth it. Also the benefit of being a Timor customer increases the regularly you show up and develop a relationship with Kim.
    Kim lives very close to the his shop, so he was able to be open, and available to his local customers. Hopefully, his efforts will inspire others to open up specialty shops geared to serving walkable communities.

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