The roof is leaking and the wind is howling

Well I got me a roof leak last night. Not my first, I still need to paint over the patch in the kitchen. Luckily I had my cousin in that bedroom and she noticed the first few drops seeping through a seam in the drywall. It appears the AC thingamajigger on the roof needs caulking or something, because that’s where the water came from. But last night’s rain was like a bucket and my sump pump in the cellar kept going off every 4 minutes.

6 thoughts on “The roof is leaking and the wind is howling”

  1. Last night was tough on roofs apparently. Yours is the 3rd roof I've heard of springing a leak last night. Mine was a victim also.

  2. Hmm yeah I have tar and gravel. Maybe we can get a group discount :). I got quotes ranging from 2500 to 6000 depending if they will be removing the old roof our just going over it.

  3. Check white roofs. The new York Times had an article on them, a few months ago. They are much less money than green roofs, but will save you a ton of money in AC costs.


  4. I recently found a roofing guy I really like. He did some melted rubber patching method that is more heavy duty & lasts much longer than the black goo. & he did not try to sell me a whole new roof like maggio, which irritated me. niello8(at) if anyone needs the #

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