Where are the Warrenton Condominums?

Not too long ago we were informed of the Warrenton Group and their million + contract with the city to assist in the development of Northwest One. Then other bloggers noted that they had listed as their office the shuttered liquor store on 7th and Q here in Shaw. Then their website went down. Well now their website is back up and shiny and telling me to update my Internet Explorer. And they say their offices are on Wisconsin Ave.
Now I found some of their completed projects. Warrenton West is over on Missouri Avenue NW and the Taylor Flats on Taylor St NW. Both seem to be fairly small project compared to what is proposed for NW 1 and the other large projects.

7 thoughts on “Where are the Warrenton Condominums?”

  1. As to the 'new' Wisconsin Avenue office address, what Warrenton lists is a shared office suite situation – "renta-desk". Not a great sign of a full blown operation needed to be co-developer on all of the deals that they seem to be given in partnership with other well heeled & well placed developers — not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Is the Warrenton Group another in the series of "Friends of Fenty" who seem to do better than good by the quality of their fraternity membership as opposed to the quality of their work ALL the stakeholders in DC?

    Where are all the good investigative prosecutors when you really need them?


  2. Did not know you took issue with Anon comments – sorry. When it comes to FOF, many of us prefer to not use a name for 'fear of retribution'. Do you not agree with my thoughts though, Mari?

  3. I strongly prefer that someone claims what they write. I don't need real names or real initials. Sometimes I don't even give a warning if the anon comment is just plain stupid/ annoying/ etc.
    One of the reasons for demanding some ID (fake, real, whatev) is to cut down on confusion if a comment string gets too long. People have signed off as 'anonymous coward' 'anon coward' and that's fine. I understand living and walking in fear, but I don't agree with it.

  4. Honestly, I do understand but I work with the agencies that are or should be between these cross-hairs.

    The real question is the connections between Mayor and folks like Warrenton, from their acting as co-developers on properties like Park Morton, etc. Do we deserve better or is the City putting its best foot forward?

  5. Yeah, what's up with this? I'm getting really concerned that Fenty is not going to relected and we'll get some sort of Populist crazy that sees gentrification as evil… But if Fenty keeps up with all this crap and can't do any honest contracting, then I guess that's how the cookie crumbles!

  6. Time will tell if the 7th & Q Social Club becomes The Warrenton Group's new HQ…


    Aug 2009

    Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS is pleased to announce that we have been awarded design services to assist the Warrenton Group with the renovation and modern addition to historic 1547 7th Street, NW. One of the few remaining Arts and Crafts style buildings in DC, 1547 7th Street formerly housed the developer's father's business and rental apartments. The renovated building will house Warrrenton's corporate offices and a corporate apartment

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