Housing Under $250K

I was noticing a photo, more like a screen shot, from Scenic Artisan of the Redfin graphic showing housing under $250K. They are pretty much all east of the Park. Rock Creek Park, the one of several big dividing lines. The other things that divide are 16th Street NW and the Anacostia River.
And there is a big ole cluster of under $250K 2 bedroom, 1 bath houses east of the River, over near Capitol Heights. There are a few in what looks to be Petworth, parts of Columbia Heights and Brightwood. There are a couple in Truxton Circle proper. One is on the corner of 3rd and P as an as is. There is another on Florida Ave. But the problem with Florida Avenue, well a problem for me, is that there is almost no space between your front door and the sidewalk of a very busy street. In the NE, non-Shaw part of Truxton (see I love confusing y’all) on Florida is another house for $170K. Also no room between the front door and the crappy sidewalk.

6 thoughts on “Housing Under $250K”

  1. And Florida Ave between about 6th and 4th or so is prone to flooding. Sudden, heavy or constant rain overload the storm sewers, particularly during hurricanes. I used to live on T just a block up and often drove through small temporary lakes flooding into the basement units on Florida.

  2. Tom A. said…

    Don't blame the innocent sidewalk! The CARS are the problem. 🙂

    i'd think the properties on florida would be good business/retail spaces though..well.. arguably. would be better if parking was allowed.

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