Chickeen challenge

Someone is openly challenging the idea that chickens are illegal in the city. In the September Hill Rag is tale of two little girls, their chickens and the mean, mean city government who threatened to take the chickens away.

This spring, the Silvermans hatched a small flock of baby chicks for their daughters to raise at their home. The girls learned about heirloom breeds, how to keep the chicks safe and what to feed them. A neighbor offered her side yard for the pullets (adolescent chickens) to graze in during the day. All was going well until a few weeks ago when somehow the police were contacted, and in turn, an Animal Control officer arrived at the scene threatening to remove the birds. Cooler heads prevailed, and the pullets were left alone that day. But Animal Control told the Silvermans that keeping chickens was illegal in DC, which we now know is not the case. What to do?
Chicken Summer Camp
The Silvermans have decided to tackle the chicken controversy head on. They have sent their birds to summer camp outside town. They are working with Ward 6 Council member Tommy Wells’ office who has advocated on their behalf with the Chief of the Bureau for Community Hygiene.

Well I for one support the Silverman’s efforts and hope that one day DC citizens can openly raise a few birds (few, not a factory) in their backyards. If you want to contact Councilman Wells about this his email is twells[at]

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