Grass ‘looks’ greener on the Georgetown side

I wanted to quickly mention it before it went stale in my head. Georgetown Metropolitan has some stats on Georgetown crime. I found it interesting because everyso often people compare Shaw (or where ever they are in DC) to Georgetown, making it out to be some crime-free wonderland. It ain’t. If you want low crime get your butt to Palisades. Which I forget where exactly that is, and I bet some of you never heard of it.
The most interesting thing is Georgetown has more theft from autos and more burglaries per 1,000 residents than Dupont and Columbia Heights. What Georgetown is low in, are those crimes where one encounters the criminal.

3 thoughts on “Grass ‘looks’ greener on the Georgetown side”

  1. Oh come on, Palisades is that slice of DC that's so far west it thinks it's McLean. We east of the park people look down on them, but we shouldn't be so unkind. I hear they might have some rock throwers, even.

  2. it might appear georgetown has more crime but that's because crimes dont get reported in Shaw. crimes not reported are not recorded.

    Palisades is the next neighborhood headed northwest on macarthur boulevard after Foxhall Village and before the neighborhood called Kent which begins at Arizona Avenue extending north to the Maryland state line. there's a safeway next to the DC library.


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