BACA meeting with puppies for everyone

Okay, you won’t get puppies but pups will be a topic.
This next BACA meeting which is today (Aug 3rd) in the basement of the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church at 3rd & Q has some rather interesting topics. One of those topics being, the dog park idea @ Bundy. Please people if you are in the northern (above P)and you want to support a dog park over at Bundy get your butt to the meeting. I’m sure that the voices against such an idea will be there, and no one is going to speak for you but you.
The guy who is doing up the old Bates Market, Mamuka Tsereteli, is coming to speak. Come on admit it, you’re curious of what exactly he’s going to do on that corner. For those of you getting to the party late the old Bates Market is on the corner of 3rd and P, and when it was open as a ghetto mart, young men, old guys would hang out there. Or just hang, almost constantly on that corner. That corner even hosted a big ole shooting. The story is that it is to become a Georgian social club. Georgia as in homeland of Stalin, former soviet republic. Not the state above Florida.
Also BACA is gathering any information about illegal activity occurring at the billboards at 4th/Islamic Way and P.