Playground near Bundy & Middle Eastern Food

Shamelessly stolen from BACA blog, who got it from the CCCA-Blog.
Item #1- There is going to be a children’s playground at Scott-Montgomery. They broke ground, there is equipment awaiting installation, and even better…. a edible learning garden! I love edibles. I love it even better when other people, including small people with growing brains, get to learn that food does not come from the supermarket. It comes from the good earth. Yay! According to the CCCA, “Access to the outdoor tot lot in the small courtyard on 1500 Fifth St NW will be made available local families and age-appropriate children in the neighborhood outside of regular school hours.” I hope this means they can keep out cursing, dope smoking adults who tend to take over playgrounds. Yeah, I’m talking about the guys around the block, who used to haunt the basketball courts that where behind KIPP/Scott-Montgomery. And hopefully this space will appreciated by some of the anti-dog park people who say children need a park. Well it’s coming and that is a good thing.

Item #2- Toque Cafe- Middle Eastern restaurant to be at 6th and R. One word, falafel. Some more words- the former Chain Reaction space is going to serve food and G-d and city government willing, there may be outdoor seating. My only concern is the corner of R and the alley running behind it seems to attract bulk trash on a regular basis, I swear it is some dumping ground. I think today I saw a headboard and some other furniture. But that shouldn’t keep me from falafels. I pray they make good falafels with a decent tahini sauce. Last local mid-east place I went to (now out of business) put ranch dressing on the falafel. Bad. Bad. Bad.

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  1. Yay falafel! I like Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams-Morgan, but this new place is less than 3 blocks from my office. I predict frequent visits.

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