Some notes on the 2C notes

Commissioner Theresa Sule posted the notes of the ANC 2C meeting on the 2C04 listserv, which then was reposted on the MVSQ listserv. So if you want the full notes you will need to consult those listservs.

The case of the sexual assault that occurred a few months back on th 1600 block of Marion has been closed and a suspect arrested.

Parcel 42 is a project that will be 100% affordable at 50% of the Area Median Income which $51,350. The project is exploring its financial options. The project would be workable if the project had and higher AMI. If this were possible a lower AMI could also be able to create a range. In its current situation the project can not be financed. Given the current problems if the AMI was lowered on the project without making some of the units market, the project would be even more
difficult to finance.

and it is not the only project in the Shaw area with financing problems, Radio One, understandably may not be able to anchor the big project that was supposed to go on Parcel 33.

Tom Petty wanted support for the Friends of Bundy Field to have a dog park on the Bundy vacant lot. He has a petition of 200 supporters. The parking lot is a 75 car parking lot. Commissioner Chapple motioned to develop a compromise between OPM and the friends of Bundy. The motion was 2nd by Commissioner Padro. Motion failed with a 2-2 vote.
Commissioner Sule motioned to actively support the Friends of Bundy Field in finding alternative space in ANC2C for a dog park. Motion was 2nd by Commissioner Brooks, motion failed with a 2-2 vote.

And lastly the commission voted to have Pair Networks host the ANC website. I’ve been using Pair for a decade for my hosting needs and I have enjoyed their consistently good and affordable service, so good choice.

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