Cars and Buildings Don't Mix

Car on Sidewalk
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

If you’re walking down the TC side of the 400 block of Florida Avenue NW and notice that a huge chunk of someone’s stair has been destroyed and a iron fencing thing wrapped around a tree, well there was an accident. Oh, sometime around evening rush hour.
I’m not 100% positive it was the brown car pictured here that took out the stair and the treebox fence, but I’m pretty positive that cars don’t belong on sidewalks.

One thought on “Cars and Buildings Don't Mix”

  1. we've had people killed on florida avenue (remember the accident a few years back where an SUV ran over a small honda and crashed into one of the houses next to the ledroit gate) and there are so many accidents between that point and 1st street NW that i've lost count.

    the city has to do something to slow traffic down through that stretch. a camera like the one in front of galludet should be installed in both directions to encourage some of the speeders to slow down.

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