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It isn’t fancy it has two jobs.
The first is to get me from point A to point B, sometime before Christmas. It is a three speed so it isn’t going to go anywhere fast. Besides I tend to stick to the 2nd gear.
The second, don’t get stolen. It’s a three speed with sometimes three locks. It isn’t fancy. It isn’t one of those $2,000 racing or specially engineered bikes. No, this is a $150 Craigslist special, which I thought I paid too much for. The problem with the second point is that the bike shop I pass by often won’t touch my bike. Through comments and other blogs I learned of another Shaw area bike shop that will touch it and that’s Rollin’ Cycles at 1320 14th St NW.
A washer, or axle spacer had broken on the ole bike and my rear wheel was rubbing up against the frame and the bike wouldn’t stay in gear. So I figured I’d give Rollin’ Cycles a try. I was happy to see at least one mechanic from the now closed Chain Reaction bike shop, where I used to go. The fix was about $7.40, but I bought some other stuff from the bike shop/ DVD rental. Rollin’ is tidier than the old Chain Reaction and seems to have bicycle products displayed better.

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  1. I don't know how far out of your route it is, but I take my old ten speed to the hardware store/bike shop on 24th between L and M. They really know their stuff, and they are happy to work on it. They also don't try to push a new bike on me like some other shops have done.

  2. 24th is a bit far for me. Rollin' doesn't push product, or at least didn't when I was there. Also Rollin' isn't too far off from the bus line I use.

  3. Glad to hear. They seemed decent when I was there w/ my 3 spd too.
    Just FYI- The guys on 24th are experts on 3 speeds (and all vintage bike tech). So, if you need a "last resort", try looking there. 🙂

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