Beware of Craigslist Scams

Seems someone was trying to rent out 429 Warner St NW as part of their scam. I’ve mentioned the various Craigslist housing scams here, here, and here.
For the love of G-d, or whomever/whatever you hold dear use common sense when conducting a house search. If Ms. Future Landlord is off away in London or Leeds or the deepest darkest part of Angola, and can’t show you the DC place, MOVE ON, IT’S A SCAM! Think, if someone can’t even show you inside, how would they handle the AC not working or other landlord duties? They won’t because IT’S A SCAM. On of my neighbors was sent to Bangledesh, has a local real estate company doing the management. So in a real life situation you’d be talking to a real estate office, not emailing some scammer. No excuses if you’re out in BFE, Nebraska and you can’t physically take a look at it. Stay in a hostel for a week or work with a real estate office/ management firm that has a number in the phone book, crash with your sister’s ex-roommate’s second cousin, but don’t just hand money over to a complete stranger for a place you haven’t seen.