Found on the Street- Gentrification Rant

I’m going to make this quick. I found an interesting flier on Bates Street yesterday. It appears someone decided to print out some of their blog posts on gentrification and leave them on the doorsteps of several Bates residents.
I may or may not talk about this more, but the thing that gets me is the tortured logic regarding race and gentrification, that would define Asian-Americans as White. And it doesn’t even go into the main elements of gentrification, just homelessness and definitions of other non-black ethnic groups as white. Gah, if you’re going to print something out and pass it out, stay on topic. That’s just my suggestion.

7 thoughts on “Found on the Street- Gentrification Rant”

  1. Stay on topic? I couldn't even figure out the topic. THat is the most incoherent rant I've laid my eyes upon.

  2. Just to clarify, my complaint was with the hard copy titled "Intellaxae Reports Gentrification" which caught my eye when I was walking down Bates St. It starts with a defintion of Gentrification, then gets into race and population changes in the District of Columbia.
    Maybe I got off topic, for that, please accept my apologies.

  3. mari: please, no, i'm not complaining about your post whatsoever. i'm just saying that whomever it is that wrote that "gentrification" screed needs to express their thoughts a little more clearly…

  4. Anyone else see workers starting on the Bates market today? What is going in there?

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