Double Seat Taker

Double Seat Taker
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

I normally hate to take pictures of strangers, and I tend not to be bold enough to take the pictures of people on the Metro doing wrong. Mainly because the Micky’D eating, crowding at the door with 2 giant suitcases standing folk do look around and I wouldn’t be able to snap a quick one.
Okay, in her defense the train wasn’t sardine crowded and there were a few seats on the end of the train. Also I’m not 100% sure that’s her bag. Possibly it is the bag of Ms. Flip Flop (see toes) or Ms. Flip Flop’s seat companion. Let’s say I’m 75% sure.
The other problem is that those are the reserved seats for folks with problems standing.
The purpose of taking this picture is to show the double seat taker.