Execu-bird & my TV

I’ve occasionally complained about the ghetto birds- the MPD helicopters that come around after a shooting or something like that. They wander high in the sky above the hood and I could tell when they were around because the digital signal on my TV would get all screwy.
Since January I’ve noticed an uptick in air traffic above the neighborhood, mainly due to an uptick in television disruption. When I go outside to angrily shake my fist at the offending helicopter, I’ve noticed that it isn’t always a MPD marked or even MPD whirlybird shaped aircraft. I’ve noticed somethings that look like they could be the President’s or some military, Big Bertha looking like copters flying low. They fly lower than the MPD copters, and are bigger and come around more often, which means I looking at a TV screen frozen on one image with little pixels out of whack. And when it comes back into whack, the sound doesn’t match the picture.
I should mention, I don’t have cable or DishTV, I get my signal from the airwaves.
Anyone else experience this problem or can tell me what are those other helicopters flying over the hood so I know where to send a letter of complaint?

2 thoughts on “Execu-bird & my TV”

  1. Any ideas about how the digital conversion is going to affect your interference problem?

    Anyway, I'm seeing more green military helicopters, since they are usually flying north, I assumed that they were going to Walter Reed.


  2. I see them going west, sometimes east, sometimes north, but when I do the angry fist shake, it's west.
    As far as conversion goes, I've been watching the digital channels more than the analog channels. I know that helicopters, strong winds and really bad storms screw up the signal. I broke down and bought a converter for the TV I provide to roommates. Roommate likes the extra channels.

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