Constructing a Courtyard Marriott

The hotel over by the New York Avenue Metro station is coming along and seems to be going at a pretty good pace. As you can see there are windows. Windows that can peer into the souls of the ATF workers across the way…. or not.Constructing a Courtyard Marriott
Waiting hotel visitors, once the joint opens, is the Sisters Pizza and Mussels, the 5 Guys, Pound Coffee, and Heidi’s Deli. Hopefully success on NoMa’s 2nd St NE, will trickle some smaller scale development (think 14th St Shaw not 14th St Columbia Heights) over on to North Cap.

One thought on “Constructing a Courtyard Marriott”

  1. Now, if the establishments would be open on weekends maybe the residents of the area could give them some business. Right now, it’s only Five Guys open for those that don’t work M-F at the ATF building.

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