Milk, not the movie

I love Ebay, mainly because it is where I get a lot of clothes. It also has some other things relating to local history. Friends of mine who were involved with Save Our Seminary mentioned that they got some seminary related items off Ebay, which at times would put them in contact with people who had some sort of connection with the long closed girl’s school.
Looking on line for information for Embassy Dairy, a milk distributor that was at 1620 First Street NW, I found milk bottle collectors selling milk bottles from the dairy. It seems the place went by a couple of names. Fairfax Dairy was one name associated with that address, Green Meadows Dairy, was another.
Looking through Pro-Quest the dairy’s drivers had a bad habit of hitting local residents with their trucks. So that is one thing that makes me think that this workplace and industrial property wasn’t the greatest neighbor.
Currently, the Northwest Co-op sits on the block where the dairy existed.