Going to pot

I’m thinking gardening.
The problem is that I’m planning to paint the front of my house. Once I decide on which shade of color (creamsicle, pencil, kumquat) then I may hire someone to trample on whatever is growing in the ground in order to get the house painted. For those earlier crops they’re going to have to be in a pot, so I can move them out of the way.
Patio tomatoes were fair producers. They did well in mid sized pots and gave me some golf ball sized tomatoes at a slow steady pace.
The Emperor Bean produced a decent number of flowers and was very viney. I didn’t get a huge number of beans. I’m probably not going to grow them again.
Speaking of beans, I’ll definitely do the Parisian green bean again. Last night, celebrating Fat Tuesday, I had a wonderful meal at Corduroy, that had some wonderfully buttery green beans on the plate. So the meal made me think that those beans are worth an encore.
Despite the %$#@ squirrels digging up my seedlings, %$)^$ tree rats, I’m going to try for beets and onions again. This time I’m going to see about putting metal or plastic netting just below the surface to discourage digging.
There are a few things in the ground that will need to move to pots, lest they get trampled. The lavender and the arugula could stand to be moved. Then again, arugula is so easy to grow, I may just dig the plants up and give them to the lady down the street.
Considering how tiny my front yard is, there is a lot of life.

Neighborhood Clean up this weekend

Beautiful Streets

Saturday, February 28

10:00am – 12:00pm

Join your neighbors in our neighborhood clean-up.

DC’s Helping Hands will deliver supplies to 3rd and Bates at 10am to assist us in the clean-up.

Invite your neighbors and friends. Come out and meet some new ones too!