Inauguration Day in the TC part 6

I’m turning off the computer I swear, but, just a few minutes ago a long parade of sirens and blue lights just traveled down New Jersey Avenue.
*7:30PM the National Guard was still on the corner. Friendly enough fellows but I don’t like men hanging on my corner. As of 8:30 I didn’t see them.
*The Neighborhood Ball on TV reminds me of an awards ceremony. Anyone from the neighborhood of Mt. Vernon Sq or Shaw in attendance?
*And to whomever is flying over the neighborhood and has been flying over the neighborhood for the past few days… Stop it. You’re screwing up my HD reception. Everytime the ghetto bird flies overhead my reception goes all crappy. Other aircraft, well if close enough, results in the same problem.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration Day in the TC part 6”

  1. I was mugged – held up? – on 3rd and N street on Inauguration day at 7am. Guy came out from behind a parked truck and pointed a gun at me. I told him I had nothing and after 2 minutes or so they guy walked away. Watch out folks.

  2. Hopefully you filed a report with the police.
    Also double check the address. If in the NW, 3rd Street stops at O, and doesn’t pop up again till south of New York Ave.

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