Inauguration WTF?- Rules were made to be ignored

No Parking O St
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OK this is in another part of Shaw. But anyway….
Over on O Street NW between 6th and 7th Street NW there are signs saying No Parking for the inaugural period. The signs are for the whole block. Notice the cars parked down the street, same signs apply. I ran into Daddy 5-O and his partner on my way back from the Giant*. He was concerned about the parking restrictions earlier, concerned about where they’d park the car.
One of the reasons why I’m documenting this is for the next inauguration. Seriously, the powers that be need to understand how their decisions touch and impact those of us in residential areas. And for residents, we need to know what to demand of our government and tell them how far they should and can go.

*I was wrong in my prediction. The milk was on the shelf, it didn’t look like a snow day. Go shopping, it’s ok.

3 thoughts on “Inauguration WTF?- Rules were made to be ignored”

  1. same thing up here in bloomingdale. there were no parking signs put up days ago on 1st street, and everyone just ignored them. no one got towed, no one got ticketed. i think our neighborhood just called the city’s bluff.

  2. Bahahahaha. Love it. But Bloomingdale? WTF are there any restrictions up there? Makes no sense. Citizens shouldn’t have to put up with nonsense, and apparently they didn’t.

  3. The city originally was going to expand the “bus zone” further into residential neighborhoods, but the Mayor forbade that. So, I’m guessing what you noticed was the left-over signs that were put up prior to the roll-back.
    -Mark B.

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