Inauguration Day in the TC part 1

It’s early today, so this is the view of the inauguration from the POV of the TC.
I find it totally hilarious that there are National Guardsmen hanging out exactly where we had drug dealers only a few years ago. There are guardsmen at the mouth of my alley. There are guardsmen hanging out at the fence where the dealers would lean and the difference appears that the guardsmen have a bigger trash bag. I’m guessing the New Jersey Avenue Dunkin Donuts is the most secure place in the TC.
The crowds are walking down New Jersey Avenue and they are sticking to the sidewalks. They are friendly groups waving or saying hello to the guardsmen, and seriously there are a lot, A LOT, of guardsmen. There is parking on the 1600 and 1700 block of New Jersey Avenue. It appears the No Parking signs were removed. Good. These are residences and it’s stupid that the zone came this far north. The 1500 and lower numbered blocks on New Jersey Avenue are free of parked cars, as far as I can see. I did see a few cars (very few) travel north on NJ Ave. Despite the No Buses signs and the National Guard on R Street, I did see a few cars traveling west on R.
I have some of the most boring inauguration parking related photographs on the web in a Flickr set here. Also in the set are some photographs of the Dunbar High School band practicing on the street.