Inauguration Musings- Blocked Streets in Shaw?

I’m looking at the press release put out by the inaugural people (PDF) and on page 8 it says that 13th St NW from K to Logan Circle and 6th Street from K to P Streets NW will be pedestrian-only for the parade. But I don’t see any time stamp for parade only stuff. So…. how long will cross streets, and I’m going to guess that the 600 to 1200 blocks of O, N, M and L Streets are going to be blocked? Because if those North-South routes are going to be pedestrian only per the press release, what of the East-West Streets that intersect them? Also those pedestrian only routes don’t show up on any of the maps I’ve been looking at.
From the DC.GOV inauguaration site I noticed:

The following roadways will be closed to traffic from Tuesday, January 20th, 12:01am through Wednesday, January 21st, 12:01am, to implement and remove the Charter Bus Parking zones. The Road Closure areas will be limited to charter buses, metro buses, taxis, postal vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, emergency vehicles and residents with government issued identification or vehicle registration showing residency inside the restricted area.

I’ve picked out the ones of interest to Shaw residents:
I-395/3rd Street Tunnel from SE/SW Freeway to New York Avenue
13th Street, NW from K Street, NW to Logan Circle, NW
6th Street, NW from K Street, NW to P Street, NW
13th Street, NW from Logan Circle to K Street, NW
14th Street, NW from R Street to K Street, NW
15th Street, NW from K Street, NW to Rhode Island Avenue, NW
New Jersey Avenue, NW from K Street, NW to Florida Avenue, NW

I’ve bolded the streets of great interest to me. It looks like a bit of the Logan Circle area is going to get caught up in this. Why aren’t these northern parts being shown on maps?

3 thoughts on “Inauguration Musings- Blocked Streets in Shaw?”

  1. Wierd that jersey is closed it’s up to Florida? Are they rerouting metro busses or other stuff down it.

  2. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m going to have to do two weeks’ worth of shopping this weekend, ’cause I ain’t going nowhere next week.
    I never wanted to live in a gated community…. sigh.

  3. New Jersey Avenue from K Street to Florida NW has now been designated for bus parking according to the latest web postings

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