Best Kitchen Supply

Best Kitchen Supply
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I do have a format for talking about things at the Capitol City Market/ Florida Avenue Market, but since I want to mention a couple of places, I’ll do that in another post.
First- Best Kitchen Supply at 413 Morse St NE is my alternative to Bed, Bath and Beyond. For one, it is way cheaper. I picked up a zester for $10 and got a big stock pot and some other kitchen gadget that I saw on the Beddie Bye and Begone website for $60, $15 dollars at Best Kitchen. After taking another cooking class with Mt. Vernon Square’s Jean-Claude LeLan I actually paid attention to the shape of the pots he used. LeLan talks kinda fast but I think he said something about the the importance of the pot, surface area and the such. So basically I was looking for pots like Jean’s. Best Kitchen has the same shaped things. They aren’t as pretty as the pots in BB &B, but they are for professional kitchens.
Second- the Mexican Fruit stand has been having some decent looking veggies and fruit. Sometimes the produce is a few days from being compost, but the last few weekends I’ve been by I’ve seen some beautiful bannanas, lemons, limes, pineapples and more.

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  1. Mexican Fruit is hit or miss, but you can get some great deals on fresh stuff. You just have to be willing to look around and avoid the not so fresh stuff [which you can purchase elsewhere].

    I love Best Equipment. I bought a pizza stone there on Saturday while waiting on my sandwich from Litteri’s. They have a great selection, and are helpful if you need to find something and don’t see it. I think they still have the business license required sign up, but don’t believe it. Anyone can shop there, and they take credit cards.

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