Make the world go away

I’m going to take a cue from one of my co-workers and stay home tomorrow. His plan is to vote and curl up with some good science/fantasy fiction. Something taking place in a kindgom far, far away. I plan the same thing, vote, and finish off a fictional parable about economics.
I’ve grown weary of the all election all the the time media so once I’ve done my part I’m shutting down. I plan to disconnect from the Internet, no TV, no radio and put the phones on silent. I’ll read my books, maybe do laundry, maybe take a hot steamy bath (haven’t done that for months) and watch those netflix dvds that have been piling up. I’ll wake up Wednesday when the radio alarm goes off and find out, unless there is something going on in the streets that clues me in.
I chatted with my Aunt and she also plans to stay home and have a quiet night. Her church, Shiloh Baptist, is having some sort of election party, gathering, whatever when the polls at their Hertigage Hall closes. Anyway she expressed concern about how residents would react to an unfavorable or favorable outcome and so she’s staying well away from the city. Even after several decades have passed and Shaw has bounced back from its past, the suburban distrust of the city is still there. Oh well.
I’m hoping for a quiet evening.