Inauguration Housing Fantasies

I haven’t put my house on Craigslist or anything to try to cash in on the whole inauguration rental thing. Yet, but it is very tempting.
There are several reasons of why I haven’t. For one, I don’t know if I will have a roommate scheduled to be in my guest room at that time. I like to have short term roommates, so I don’t want to screw up that. Secondly, there is family. My mother’s people are country and homey and I’m wondering at what point someone will bug my mother, or father (less country, more moochie), to bug me to put them up for the inauguration. However, I’m sure several family members have written my place off because I live in a tiny house in a “bad” neighborhood. It’s not “bad” it just lacks a driveway and loads of parking, which would make Auntie’s 3 bedroom house in Riverdale, the Other Aunt’s 3 bedroom in northern PG Co., and the Cousin’s 3 bedroom in NoVa, all with generous amounts of pull in parking, way more attractive than my place.
But if I were to rent out my place, the money would be more to ease my mind, than for the space. Everytime I get a new roommate, my anxiety level rises because of how they treat the space. So what amount would soothe my nerves? Oh maybe, $1,000-$2,000 a day, my mental health is very valuable to me. If the people were relatives? Free, nerves would still be frayed, but frayed nerves and relatives go hand in hand. Besides if I charged relatives a few bucks I’d never hear the end of it….. even if all the money went into somebodies college fund. Friends? Possibly free, depends. I might demand a few cases of wine, the good stuff. Nothing soothes the nerves like a few cases of wine. Complete strangers? I’m quite sure they’d be happy to add to the nieces’ college fund, and in that area my mind would be eased.
But seriously, I’m waiting to see what the relatives want.