Anita Bonds for ANC5C01

Anita Bonds
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Walking around this morning after getting my bag of baked goods I ran into Anita Bonds. She had a small group gathered on the steps of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church folding up fliers.
The fliers say, if by chance you didn’t get one, that ANC5C will have two meetings in November. The 1st will be on Nov 6th, at 6:45 at the All Nations Baptist Church at North Capitol and Rhode Island Ave NE. The second will be at Mt. Sinai on November 18th at 6:45pm. She’s hoping for a good turn out from us at the Nov. 18th meeting.
The flier also says vote for her on Nov 4th.
I say vote for Anita cause she’s smart enough to know that harming neighborhood trees is a no-no.