Michael Brown, I hate you

I’m sure Michael Brown is a nice man who loves puppies, but the 2 robo-calls I received since posting my last post about his campaign littering program, has turned great annoyance to hate. What genius thought that constantly calling people would make people want to vote for your candidate? It serves to get your candidates name out, but why the heck would it make me want to vote for him?
DC is a city of neighborhoods and I don’t know if the man recognizes that, and instead sees it as a national city. It is a capital city, but as far as city government and governance goes it’s that down to the block stuff that makes this city livable. Even the Cult of Kwame [Brown] gets that. I’m not convinced Michael knows that.
The other thing that annoys me about his campaign, besides the litter, is his trying to ride the coattails of Obama. And second, he’s running as an independent. Independent my ass. That last robo-call I got was a very partisan message.
In closing, the only thing I think Michael Brown has proven is that he can raise money, buy a lot of campaign lit, and annoy the crap out of DC citizens. He may know how to run national programs but I don’t know if he knows boo about getting trash cleaned out of an alley or getting DC Employee X to call you back.
Vote for Schwartzman or Mara or write in Carol Schwartz*. But whatever you do don’t, don’t reward this fool with your vote.

PS- if I get one more f’ing robo call, I’m posting a profanity strewn piece written to be high in the Google search results.
*I don’t endorse Kwame ’cause he told Si’s mom to get a HELOC to pay her taxes.

6 thoughts on “Michael Brown, I hate you”

  1. Sometimes I’m glad I live in Chicago. Where nobody is wasting their time with political phone calls.

    And I voted on the 13th. Which means at least my vote will be counted. I hope.

    Part of me wishes I was still registered in VA, where my vote counted for more.

    Robo Calls suck- and it’s good I never answer my phone.

  2. He isn’t getting my vote just because of the 2-3x a week mass littering of N Street with his cards

  3. I was at a friends place and heard the Brown robo call on his machine.

    I didn’t really listen, but a lot of it was about how great his FATHER is. I didn’t vote for him.

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