DI4Y (Do It For Yourself)

I can’t say this weekend was quiet. The folks across the alley and over a few doors are putting a deck up. So this was a weekend of hammering and guys yelling at each other.
They sort of had a small deck-like thing, a legacy from before they bought the house. It was grey warped wood with splotches of moss and mold. It was also small, just big enough for 2 guys to sit out on it to smoke. The deck they are getting would allow for a table, where two-four-six guys can sit, smoke and maybe have a few beers. Considering how much use the old deck got, new one will get used often.
I’m thinking of some home improvements as well for 2009. The 1st floor was to have a shower, but I didn’t have the money for it in the renovation. I’m thinking I’ll save up some money, talk to David my contractor, get a figure from him, and add 30% on top of that. Also scheduled for 2009 is repainting the house. With the colors B &IT have for their house and the color of the house next to me, the color I’m choosing will make the three houses my alma mater’s school colors. Though the neighboring house’s color is a little on the pastel side to truly be a fighting school colors. Eh, close enough.
I think there is something special about home improvements people do for themselves, and not to just try to sell the house. Considering the cost, the hassle of dust and discomfort of strangers tromping through your house (if paying someone else to do it), it pretty much keeps improvements down to things that are needed. Also the improvements are truly ‘custom’ to the way the residents live.

3 thoughts on “DI4Y (Do It For Yourself)”

  1. I think you should set up some kind of permanent place to put soil and plants in. Like a brick or cinderblock planter. Yer gonna pull your back out some day moving those 230 pots around and you’ll be sorry and you’ll be the cranky old lady on the block with a bad back. Perhaps a slightly raised planting area out front above the dog pee spray zone?

  2. Most of my pots have wheels are on casters. The danger to my back is the one citrus tree I keep dragging back into the house and the wheel of compost.

  3. Are you painting by yourself? Do you want a recommendation for a painter? There is a really neat feature on Benjamin Moore that lets you try out different color combinations on a house. There are all different sets of colors, including historic ones (I went with Phillipsburg Blue b/c houses near me are generally red or blue).

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