Anyone around 3rd and R hear shots?

Walking to work this morning the police had most of R Street, from Florida to New Jersey Avenues blocked off. I had to ask as I saw the G2 bus rumbling down 4th St (normally rumbles down 3rd), I was told there was a shooting and they were trying to determine where all the shots came from. Then the officer asked me if I had heard anything. Ah, no. I heard nothing this morning. Did you?
UPDATE: According to the Washington Post a woman was stabbed at the bus stop at 3rd and R, most likely to catch the G2 heading in the direction of Georgetown. That stop is a little isolated with the high chain link fence fortressing the yard of the house on that corner, and diagonally across the Co-Op’s high fence, and across Mt. Sinai’s education center’s parking lot. Please keep the victim in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Mari,

    I walked down there at about 9:30 AM. One of the officers said that someone was stabbed at 7 AM. There are currently 30-50 police walking up and down 3rd between Q and R in a search formation. As I was walking up, a cruiser left and I’m pretty sure Kathy Lanier was in the passenger seat. So this was something kinda big or they are using it as a training opportunity. Who knows?


  2. We had a security training exercise things at work today, so it makes me think that no one was shot or stabbed or clubbed in the library with a candlestick. Then again, it may have been a serious crime. But what exactly would bring out that many ground forces, as I noticed the lack of a ghetto bird in all of this.

  3. More unsubstantiated info- The victim was a women and she died. I’m sure we’ll get all the details on the news if this is true.

  4. Was just walking down R at 3rd/4th and a reporter there said a Hispanic woman had been stabbed…

  5. So, will the neighborhood decline (further) now, given the news of the world? Appears so.

    Darn. (I’d use stronger language, but I know it is prohibited here)

  6. I would refrain from calling this a neighborhood decline for now. We heard shots on our block this summer when the economic crisis was merely a concern of crazy-ass bloggers but merely an annoying buzz in politician’s ears. I do not sense a rise, just a continuation of violence in our ‘hood.

  7. I’d actually argue that this neighborhood has been getting better for years, in the opposite direction of much of the country. I’d say that gunshots and associated activities are much less common than even 2 years ago. Obviously, stuff still happens. But it feels like its further apart between incidents.

    But perhaps my perception is wrong.

  8. Decline? You shoulda been here 5 years ago. Which then the old timers say I should have been here 10-20 years ago and would tell me scary tales of drug dealers confortably selling drugs out in the open.
    I’m happy I no longer have to wake up very early in the morning to cart away dealers’ lawn chairs or milk crate seats set up on the corner.
    Despite today’s incident the neighborhood has improved.

  9. The killer was NO DOUBT one of those new people in the neighborhood. They don’t have respect for nobody.

    -Old School

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