How’s it looking on your block?

Housing that is? I can read the Post about regional and national trends but what’s happening on your block? Mine? A few houses up for sale, a few more houses getting rehabbed and there is the confusing tale of one foreclosure that I can’t tell who all the players are without a detailed playbill. One of the houses getting rehabbed was a foreclosure, but that was a case of an investor who spent too much on the property. And now that one of our more louder drama prone neighbors has relocated, a loudmouth lawyer with a cell phone is the only thing that stands between me and peace and quiet.
Also on the housing front, down in the Hanover region of the TC there is to be a permament housing shelter for 17 homeless women on 57 O St. NW. According to the mayor’s press office:”..the Dunbar Apartments, the first permanent supportive housing project for women funded by the Fenty Administration. The project will not only provide apartments for chronically homeless residents, but comprehensive support services as well.”

6 thoughts on “How’s it looking on your block?”

  1. Well 923 R’s agents or seller must be hopped on a boatload of crack, because if it needs a lot of work, then $750K would be crazy. But according to the listing the place has had some updates, so maybe the work has been done?

  2. He is indeed hopped up on something, because they haven’t done any updates that I’m aware of. But I hear the owner will accept a lot less than list. A lot.

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