Hate crimes and regular old muggings

Today coming home from work a neighbor told me that last night up the block a woman was attacked, and the guy who rushed out of the house to help the woman, also beat by the perps. Apparently, I failed to notice the various cops and the helicopter responding to the scene. Add that to other muggings and gay bashing that I’ve heard of, this seems to be on the increase. However, I’m tempering it with the sense that things seem to get worse before they get better.
The good that I’m hoping that will come of this post is a reminder that you need to BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. For the love of Pete people too many people are walking along yakking away on cell phones, texting, and rocking out on ipods. I’m not saying live in fear, just be safe. Take a cab if you’re drunk. Have your keys out when walking at night. Turn off the mp3 player or at least have one ear free to hear what’s coming up behind you. Make the phone call quick and hang up. If you’re walking with friends still remain aware.
We’ve been through this cycle before, let’s work to bring back the sense of safety by becoming safe.

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  1. Also keep an eye out for thrown rocks. A neighbor of our had rocks thrown at the side of his car by a group of 10+ youths, who then scattered. Oh yea also look out for cars on fire and crackheads/junkies using in the alleys. All recent happenings in the ‘hood.

  2. New Shaw resident here. If we see people most likely doing something involving drugs in the alleys around 7th and the metro stop, who exactly should be called? Is it 911 or 311? I really should peep those ‘Report Suspicious Behaviour’ signs all over.

  3. Who exactly should be called? Is it 911 or 311?

    As of several months ago, ALL police calls in the city should now go to 911. 311 gets you to the “Mayors Call Center” (nee 727-1000)

  4. For everyone’s safety, be aware of the hooligans living on Q between 3rd and 1st (in one of the row homes). Police had a warrant to search the car belonging to one of the many people who live in the apartment in question and found 3 weapons, PCP, and a slew of other drugs. The police stopped me as I was walking home the other day to advise me to stay out of the alley between Q Street and Bates. They were conducting the search at that time, told me what had already been found, and told me to be careful “living in this neighborhood”.
    -Steve (A Concerned Neighbor Living on Bates)

  5. Kids, mommy’s in a bad mood and under the weather and she said initial or ID your post.
    Deleted Anon had one useful thing to say: “Carry pepper spray which you can purchase at Logan Hardware”
    But be warned any weapon you have can/may be used against you. The wind may blow the pepper in your direction, knives may get swatted out of your hand. Being a guy does not decrease your chances of getting mugged. All that muscle and upper strength don’t count for beans if you get wacked in the back of the head while you’re yammering on your cell. Your best weapon may be the good sense G-d gave you.
    OK I got a headache and I need a drink. You kids play nice now.

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