Kevin needs signs

Walking around the hood, I noticed a lot of Leroy Thorpe signs in yards. The puppet master of ANC 2C02 wants his job back. Well if you don’t like being informed about what’s going on, unless you belong to a small clique of loyal followers, go ahead vote him back in.
But you can’t tell me you don’t want current ANC2C02 Kevin Chapple’s seasonal magazine or his informative website with video and updated info of things going on in around central Shaw. These did not exist before Kevin people. What you got before was yelled at or a poorly edited flier that may or may not have found its way to you.
Let’s not go back to the bad old days of Thorpe. Let’s not even stall in the bad present of an unelected Thorpe puppet regime (yeah, lotta drama for such a little slice of DC) with Ms. Brooks, as the puppet ANC 2C chair. By re-electing Kevin Chapple and Alex Padro, and electing Lanza and Sule you get rid of the whole puppet show, or at least move it to a civic group where it can’t do too much harm.
So I’m distressed at the lack of Chapple signage. Guess I’m going to have to write a check to campaign fund. It seems Kevin had a fundraiser earlier this month, but lo, there is a place to where monies may be sent, according to his website:

P.O. Box 26064, Washington, DC 20001. The maximum contribution is $25. Checks should be made out to Kevin Chapple, with “reelection campaign” written in the memo section.