Renting out rooms

DCRA has their website, ThisShouldBeIllegal.Com mainly aimed at college kids to get them to rat out their landlords. Well it has proven helpful to me, answering something I wondered about. I’ve always had roommate, ranging from my sister in my parents home, to dormmates in college, group housemates in grad school, to regular run of the mill roommates. So when I bought the house I didn’t figure on changing my lifestyle. I kept having roommates. Anyway, I worried that I was on the wrong side of the law as I wasn’t licensed or whatever the hell DCRA wanted. But according to the comments on one of DCRA’s posts “If you are living in the house, you can have up to 3 unrelated people living with you without being flagged for a business license. If you did not reside there, you would have to get a license.”
So I guess I’m fine, as I only have one non-related person in the house. Two would drive me nuts. Also I left behind the ‘joys’ of group house living and would be happy never to experience that again.