People check to see if you paid your taxes

I was glancing at the 2008 Tax Sale Properties and I noticed some familiar names on the list and so, not to name names, please check. Some of the amounts are small, like a few hundred dollars small, which leads me to believe that your mortgage company didn’t adjust for the taxes. So check. Seriously. Check.
Why was I looking? I was looking to see what empty lots were listed. I want a garden. More realisticly, I want to fantasize about getting an empty lot via a tax sale and turing it into a garden.

3 thoughts on “People check to see if you paid your taxes”

  1. at 13th and C southeast, they have obtained city support for a Community Garden. Please don’t tell anyone I said this, but the neighbors are a little too lazy to actually take up the asphalt themselves and are awaiting the generous DC gov employees to doze up the old blacktop before starting to plant.

  2. Many months overdue but do you know how these tax sales work? I’ve read the info that the District provides but it doesn’t sound like a sure thing, does it? Do you know of anyone that has successfully bid on a property through these auctions? Do you know if it’s an annual thing or does it occur more than once a year…not that want to capitalize on anyone’s misfortunes, but not that I’ve come to grips with not being able to afford my dream home (or any home…grr), I’m trying to think “outside the box”. Your input will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  3. You might have a better chance at the lottery then getting a dream home via the tax sales. About 90% of the things are paid off before tax lein holders try for foreclosure, then the other problem is that there may be other liens on the property (1st and 2nd mortgages). The only successful property grab of a free and clear home was where the owner was found dead (explaining why he hadn’t paid his taxes) in the house.
    You best bet is to research some neighborhoods, pick up some building skills, save up for a deposit and closing fees like your life depended on it, and find yourself a tolerable fixer upper foreclosure.

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