Sorta Free to Good Home

Free or best offer- 1 female crappy bike.
I’m now on my 3rd 3 speed and I want to be rid of the old bike. The problem occurred when the front brake broke. I just fixed the back brake, sort of, then this happens. And at some point the bike will need new tires. The tires look like crap, but currently are serviceable.
The good points about the bike? First, it’s a woman’s bike meaning you can bike in a skirt and dismount gracefully. Second, it is so ugly it is its own anti-theft protection. Nothing easily comes off, so wheels, seat, and bars will remain on the bike when you leave it at the metro station. Lock it, but it’s less likely to get stolen. More likely to be removed from Union Station. Third, it’s simple transport. Nothing fancy, just three speeds (realistically 2) to get you around town in a bike lane.

So to my readership I offer the bike to you before I go with freecycle or Craigslist or DC Department of Public Works. Free to Shaw, LeDroit, MVSQ, and Bloomingdale folk who offer the best sob story of why you need a ugly bike *or* bottle of 10-20 year old good* port. Story or port.

*No Taylor’s.

3 thoughts on “Sorta Free to Good Home”

  1. Hey, Mari, would you like to see it fixed or maybe even acquire cheaply another (good) woman’s three speed?
    Old bikes are kinda a hobby of mine.

  2. I already bought a used bike, another 3 speed, to replace the bike craptastic. I would like to see the bike used by someone else willing to put on new tires.
    If there is anything I want, besides a bottle of port, It might be to replace the handlebars. I like the handlebars of the bike craptastic but not the bars on the new to me bike.

  3. I’ve got a stable of 3 speeds and no need for another one. But I could maybe switch the bars for you, if you like.
    As for port, Whisker’s Blake is a really good tawny (94 pts). The price is right, too, at under $20 @ Cairo Liquor @17th and Corcoran NW

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