Crap house, 1/2 off.

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When I last blogged about this lovely 1/2 done, 1/2 baked structure it was on the market for 1/2 a million dollars. Well now it is 1/2 off, as a foreclosure. According to Redfin this house is now $280K. Okay not exactly 1/2 of $500K, but close enough. It’s framed, all it needs are renewed permits, some electrical and plumbing, brickwork, etc. It may take a couple of hundred thousand to clean up this mess.

4 thoughts on “Crap house, 1/2 off.”

  1. I was wondering what the deal was with that house. It’s right next to the house that used to have business across the street.

  2. RR,

    Yes, there is an alley behind these houses … the alley connects New Jersey with 3rd Street. The house that used to have a “business” run from it now has a really nice tenant. We’ve talked several times when I’ve been out walking my dogs. /Rob

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