I actually got a flier. I have heard tales of BACA meeting fliers being distributed but rarely has one made it to my door and my hands. This morning was one of those rare moments, I guess I need to show up.
According to the flier Carol Schwartz will be showing. Oh yeah, there are elections coming up besides the big prez thing. Schwartz is the lone Republican on the City Council and there is some fellow challenging her for her At-Large seat in the Republican primary. Also from the Council scheduled to appear is another At-Large, Kwame Brown, who lo and behold, also up for re-election. What either one of them will speak about is unknown.
Meeting starts at 7PM at Mt. Sinai Baptist in the basement. Ends at 9PM, I plan on departing earlier than that.

2 thoughts on “BACA meeting TONIGHT”

  1. I didn’t take any notes, but ANC Kris Hammond ( was there and writing down something. They may have been notes on the meeting, and who knows, he might put them up on his blog.
    Quick recap- 7-8 cops there, long discussion about crime and break ins and reporting crime. Schwartz spoke, questioned Rhee’s actions from a fiscal POV, and thought the transportation idea of closing I-395 silly. I left before Kwame got going.

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