Stuck in the year 2001

After gettin’ my hair did ’round U Street I ventured up by bike looking for the new Harris Teeter near 17th Street. I took the long, I’m lost, roundabout route veering over to 19th Street, and then asking for directions. After getting a few things I headed back home heading to 16th St, I saw the Meridian Park and remembered back to 2001.
It has been 7 years since I’ve been at that exact corner on a bike. Hit with this sudden flashback, I turned my head looking back at the street I just biked up and said, wasn’t there an open drug market there? In 2001, Jose, a guy from a dance class I was taking was having a house warming party somewhere in Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights. I was living at 12th & Rhode Island, so I figured I just bike up to the party. When I turned off from 16th St NW, heading west on either Crescent or Belmont (can’t exactly remember) I biked straight into the biggest open air drug market I had ever seen. Many people were milling about, and some were sort of looking at me like I might be selling.
Until I got groceries at Harris Teeter, that memory was part of my mental map of that part of town. It’s sort of like outdated satellite imagery, you know it’s out of date, but it’s all you got.
There are so many other parts of the city where it has been a good forever and a half since I’ve been there, like the DC part of Takoma Park and Deanwood. Then again there are parts of the city where I haven’t to at all.

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  1. 1510 12th St, in that squat little apartment building. The rent was sweet, $525 for a 2 bdrm 1 bath basement apartment. Yes, the 1st month I spent most of my time being my own exterminator, and then there was that plumbing backup, and it was impossible to have an airconditioner in the window… yeah. The manager was a decent enough woman who died just before I left, but the woman at the management office was evil.

  2. the big drug market in that area was located at 17th and Euclid and it is still very dangerous.


  3. your 2001 malcolm x park flashback is some of the years finest blogtifier lit i’ve read yet.

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