Historic KFC closes

We’re in danger of losing a bit of Eckington history as one of its businesses has shut it’s doors and is possibly in danger of losing some classic late-20th century commercial architecture. The Bulletproof KFC, as one Bloomingdale/Eckington resident once called it, was a testament to a period in the neighborhood’s life. It fed many a traveller and resident, overlooking the busy intersection of Florida and North Capitol.
Before this neighborhood landmark was, there was a church, Eckington Presbyterian, that sat there. According to a 1966 article in the Post [1] Eckington Presbyterian “rather than admit Negroes as members, the Church’s White congregation disbanded 19 months ago. The 62 year old church building, at Florida Avenue and North Capitol street, has stood vacant ever since and will be torn down soon.” Such a pity that a monument to racism was not preserved.

[1]”Clerics Find Prejudice Killed Church” The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Oct 31, 1966. p. B4